October 06, 2011

A Year In Review - My Hair Part 1

I have learned alot in the past year about my coils, including some major DONTs.  Had I followed these few things, my hair would be much longer and healthier.  Live and learn.  That's what they say right?
  1. Do not bleach my hair
  2. More protective styling
  3. Less manipulation - not just with protective styles but keeping my hands out of my hair throughout the day.
  4. More exercise
  5. More conscious of my nutrition
What are some DON'Ts you learned about your hair over the past year?


O.A.Eddy for O'Naturals said...

I learned not to ignore my hair. It seems simple but it's really important.

Tammy said...

@O.A.Eddy simple but really key!So many times we ignore our hair and try to make it do what it doesn't want to,which is never good. :)