October 25, 2011

Journey to 30 {pounds that is}: Interval Training & 7 in 7, Angela - Guest Blogger

Interval training is a beast. Point. Blank. Period. (I always wondered the need to say allllll three of those words consecutively like that to prove a point, but *shrugs* I guess you get it J). Before jump starting my weight loss journey to 30, I had, or so I thought, a plan. I jumped on Jillian Michael’s website to scope out the latest workout regimen she offered and told myself I was going to buy just that.
And I did. BIG MISTAKE! I was SO not ready for what Jillian was serving. Ripped in 30 is just that! A daily 20 minute {intense} workout that only allows for rest when it’s over. Lesson Learned. In order to ‘get  ripped in 30’, I needed a pre-challenge to the challenge. Enter interval training.

From what I’ve read, interval training is all about confusing the body to burn the maximum amount of calories in a given workout. If I was planning on duking it out with Ms. Michaels, I had to build up some stamina. So, for 5 consecutive days (allowing two rest days that week), I completed 1 hour treadmill sessions with a combination/breakdown of:

• Warm up (10 minutes)
• Running 5.5 mph for 5 consecutive minutes
• 30 minutes of interval training (1 minute run at 6.5 with 1 minute ‘recoup’ at 3.0 mph).  Repeating this interval for 30 minutes.
• Brisk walk at 4.0 mph with the incline at 4 for 10 minutes
• Cool down (5 minutes)

These sessions burned about 425-450 calories each and assisted me in losing my first 7 pounds (7 pounds in 7 days) in this journey to 30. Score! Give interval training a try one day. You’ll be amazed at how you are able to accomplish this feat. That ‘second wind’ kicks in at just the right time.

Next Week: We’ll talk about the lovely Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 as well as some things I’ve been eating to assist with the drop in pounds.

You can find Angela at WiseCurls.com.

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