October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes

As a child I always looked forward to trick or treating, what kid doesn’t!  I remember having to wear the same costume for several years in a row and not being too happy about it but by the time the night was over and I had a big container of candy, I forgot all about that stupid costume!  When my daughter was little I took her house to house to get her treats, however, I always confiscated half the bag and disbursed the rest as I saw fit.  Yeah – I’m one of those mothers. I am the same mother who buys coloring books and fruit for her kid’s Easter basket.  #dontjudgeme - I do pay the dental bill right?  This year will be my son’s first adventure doing door to door and I will be no different.  I will let him have about a quarter of the candy he collects and it will be spread out over a period of time as special treats only.  I actually purchased his costume last year for like $2 after the season, however, I have no idea where it is now so I had to go out and get him another one.  I initially picked up an Army costume so he could be a little soldier but when I tried it on him, it was too small so yesterday I had to run out and get another.  There were no more soldier ones left L and in fact, the only two boy costumes left were a pirate or a ninja.  The pirate was way to similar to what I wear complete with a head scarf, a fat belt around the waist and riding boots.  I don’t want my son dressing up as momma for Halloween so Ninja it is!

Reminds me of something I heard on the radio this morning.  Power105.1 (the breakfast club) had a couple on debating on if I was appropriate for their 8 year old son to dress as Nikki Minaj for Halloween.  The dad felt it wasn’t cool for his son to dress up as a female because he’s “raising a man, not a female”.  The mother’s point of view was it’s not that serious because he’s a kid and it’s a costume.  It made me think of my own debate when deciding between the pirate and the ninja. 
What do you think?  Would you let your son/daughter dress up as the opposite sex for Halloween?

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