September 06, 2011

NaturalView - Faith

Meet Faith

When it comes to blogs and websites, I am so addicted.  I confess.  I literally cannot wait to get to my computer everyday to see what’s new and on some sites, multiple times a day.  One of the fashion blogs I follow is written by the lovely Faith of Urbansybaris.  It is a plethora of information about all things fashion – from events, to what’s trending, to what the celebrities are wearing all around the globe.  Take a moment to read all about it straight from the Editor and Founder, herself!

I am a frequent reader of your blog, Urbansybaris, so I know where the name came from.  J  For those who have not had the pleasure, tell us a little about the blog and how you came up with the concept.
Of course! Well I knew that I wanted to start a blog that encapsulated the things I love from fashion to film and so much more. I played around with several different names and did a lot of thinking, as well as calling on friends to give me their input. I wanted a name that expressed both luxury and the finer things in life, but didn’t ignore the mundane and the everyday. I’m a New Yorker born and raised so we definitely love to spend, but we also love practicality. As my blog says “Sybaris was an ancient Italian city known for its opulence and its citizens, the Sybarites were a people whose lifestyles were synonymous with prosperity and extravagance”, so that coupled with the idea of necessity sparked the name Urban Sybaris.
I am also a huge fan of Coco and Creme and the sister site, Clutch, which I know you are a member of the writing staff.  How did that come about?
Well I have been honing my writing skills for a few years. One of the people that has really helped me is Jessica Andrews of The Glamazons Blog. She has provided great insight and we’ve worked together in some really creative ways to come up with great stories and angles. We write together there as well as on Vibe Vixen. It’s a lot of fun!
(I remember coming across one of Faith’s articles on Vibe Vixen after this interview.)
New York is such a melting pot so I am sure it provides a lot of inspiration.  With events, such as Fashion Week taking place there, does being a New Yorker give you a unique insight on the industry? 
It definitely does. New York City is one of the fashion capitals and I wouldn’t trade my life here for anything else! I also have a great appreciation for the other fashion cities as we’re all one big network with different personalities. New York has a great mix of styles from the ladies who lunch to the downtown hipsters and so many others in between.


How has the blog world affected fashion magazines such as Vogue?  Are the magazines still as influential?
Well bloggers are definitely a force to be reckoned with. We’re sitting at shows next to print editors and brands are definitely ramping up promotion and collaborations with bloggers so magazines have followed suit. I think it’s a great synergy because as influential as a blogger might be, holding a magazine in your hands and hanging those fashion spreads on your wall is never going to get old.
What are the characteristics of a good fashion blogger?
I think there is so much leeway when it comes to being a blogger. You have those who post once a week and really spend a long time perfecting each post to cater to their readers. You have others who post 10 times a day but are more focused on the visual and creative than the explanation. It all depends on what the blogger wants to do. It’s a really personal medium and that is why I love it.
How important has social networking been to gaining readership for your blog?
Social media is huge! I have a lot of traffic coming through Twitter and Facebook. I make sure to get on my Urban Sybaris twitter page once a day and I am always promoting my blog on my personal twitter page. It is a great way for people to stay connected, ask questions, etc.
I wrote an article for The Coil Review entitled “Hair and Heels”.  It talked about the relationship between hair and fashion.  What is your take on that?
I mean hair is just as much a form of expression as fashion. Most days I feel like I could wear a white tee shirt and black skinnies and my curly fro would speak for itself. Hair is an accessory in my eyes: it can make or break and outfit, as well as being able to steal the show!
Speaking of hair J  Tell me about your tresses and the best thing about wearing it natural.
I LOVE that I never have a bad hair day! I expect my hair to be big and unapologetic and so does everyone else. I love that it does what it wants. It has a mind of its own so to speak, it’s fun!
Some people think you are not really natural if you wear color or straighten it with a flat iron.  How do you feel about that?
I think that’s ridiculous! I colored my hair after going natural and in the winter I straighten my hair because I don’t like to wear it out wet in the cold. Natural is more of a malleable term than one woman’s definition.
Do terms such as nappy or kinky bother you?
Of course not! Some days my hair is definitely nappy and kinky. Doesn’t bother me. I embrace it.
How do you feel about hair typing?
It’s pretty silly. I love every type of hair from Julia Sarr Jamois’ gigantic fro to Halle Berry’s sleek straight pixie. Hair is beautiful in all of its different forms.
Freestyle:  Anything else you would like to share….about fashion, hair or any topic.
Well I want to thank you for interviewing me, I love your site and I am so happy that you are giving me a chance to talk a little about myself and my blog. I appreciate it so much!
You can stay connected with Faith by clicking on the links below.  Please check her out!  You are in for a treat.  Isn’t she beautiful?!  Thanks again Faith!

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