September 02, 2011

Celebrity Natural Shout Out - Serena Williams

Check out Serena with her latest naturalista look.  There is always plenty of conversation surrounding her talent on the tennis court and her derrière talent off the tennis court but what do you all think of her hair?

Photo Source:  Necole Bitchie


Monique said...

It's cute? LOL I only have the question mark because I have yet to see Serena with a hairstyle that looks like it belongs to her. Weave or not, I would really like to see her with a more natural looking hair style (when I say natural I mean, hair that may be fake but doesn't necessarily look fake).

Anonymous said...

but..that's not her hair...?

Curly Chic said...

@Anonymous - nope it's definitely not her hair.

@Monique - agreed! :)