August 04, 2011

Products, You Tube Video of The Week!

I have been doing pretty good with my product junkism of late.  It’s really not bad but I did make one teenie weenie purchase.  I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday to pick up some lavender dryer bags.  I am in love with Trader Joe's.  I get my vitamins, some of my oils, and a bunch of other stuff from here.  I ended up walking out with a $19 tab, just some random stuff like deodorant and lavender body scrub.  I also picked up Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle conditioner.  I’m in the mood for a little tingle and I have the shampoo at home so I picked it up!  Speaking of the Tea Tree Tingle conditioner, after my purchase, I watched  Elle’s video and she talked about it briefly so I thought I’d post it to share. 

Love me some Elle and Izzy! You guys know she is the ultimate product reviewer! Not only does she know her products, she knows her ingredients. She is very in tune with her own hair, as we all should be and remains a go to source for me! Anywho – nuff said. Check out her latest and greatest Holy Grail list!

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