August 03, 2011

Chance Natural Encounters - Natural Hair Scene

This past weekend I attended a family fish fry and like most gatherings it was filled with conversation about the heat and humidity, the latest milestones from the kids (I have a 2 ½ year old and an 18 year old), how good the food is and what else?  You guessed it – hair!  No matter the occasion, location or circumstance, my hair is always a conversation piece.  Of course hair is major to most women but no doubt, my natural tresses are sure to spark up inquiries.  I have been natural for several years but regardless, people old and new have questions.  How do you get your hair like that?  What products do you use?  How long have you been natural?  I’m sure you’ve heard all of these same questions.   Well on Saturday I met a lovely woman who had recently done the BC!  As we sit around the table along with her daughter in law, I could see her glance at my hair.  Here it comes I thought.  Not with dread because I love the topic but I don’t want those who have heard my hairstory many times to think “she’s always talking about her hair”.  Apart from the two of us, there was one other natural there out of maybe 20 women.  Anyway, she asked if I had a twist out and I told her it was a braid out.  Her daughter in law, who I had already known previously, said to me “your hair is tame today”.  I generally wear it pretty wild on the weekends.  You know I love me some big hair! I confirmed, yeah, it is pretty tame today.  She told me she liked it untamed.  J  Her mother in law then says to her “see your hair would look like that if you went natural”.  So right away I assumed they had this discussion before.  She then goes on to tell their story.  Rewind a few months.  The two of them had entered into a lets go natural pact.  After some contemplating, the mother in law decided to get some yarn braids to help her through the transition.  She quickly grew bored with those and said forget it, I’m just chopping it all off.  She had a very attractive twa that fit her face very well.  She is super excited about her journey and very positive about it, which was nice to hear.  A lot of times you hear a lot of frustration with the process.  Hopefully she will remain upbeat and optimistic about her new lifestyle.  Her daughter in law, different story.  She didn’t keep her end of the agreement.  She is not quite ready and has succumbed to the white stuff L. She maintains that at some point she may revisit and that she wasn’t ready to do all “the work” associated with going natural.  What does everyone else think?  Is it a lot of work?  Or is it merely different work than what you are doing with relaxed hair? 


Tonia said...

IMO its different work. For me there is a lot more work upfront doing twists but I then have 2-3 weeks where I really don't have to do anything to my hair. With relaxer the maintaince was more constant

Monique said...

i agree with Tonia. Natural hair can be alot of work upfront, especially as you start weeding through and trying to figure out what works an doesn't work for your hair. ANd lest we not forget that somewhere around 7-9 months post big chop, your hair completely flips and you have to change your regimen again.

Once you've gotten through the hardwork of learning your hair, its all downhill.

It kills me when women say natural hair is hard work but having relaxed hair is even harder. Running from the elements, trying not to sweat. Chile please! LOL

purplgirl48 said...

I think it's alot of work, but it's worth it. I liken it to raising a child. There is alot of learning and nuturing involved. But if you do it the right way, the benefits are so rewarding.

Curly Chic said...

@Tonia - you are right. Sometimes the impression is that natural hair is easier. I think it's just a different set of challenges. However @ purplgirl48 used a good analogy. It's worth the effort.

Thanks ladies for your comments!