August 01, 2011

Chance Natural Encounters - Natural Hair Scene

Thursday my SO, our son and I attended a local park outing where The Dazz Band was performing.  What yal know about that?  Anyway, it is a weekly event for the grown and sexy where you go out with your lawn chairs, a bottle of wine and enjoy the sounds of a live band from 6-9pm.  It is really nice.  I was feeling very summery with my sundress, flip flops and big bun on the top of my head.  While we were sitting, a beautiful woman with a short hair style and I struck up conversation about what else, hair.  She told me that she had gone 6 months without a relaxer and was trying to try the “natural thing”. 
After about 30 minutes we realized that we had the same hairstylist, who started me on my journey years ago.  I of course gave my few natural hair hurrahs and proclamations, one being I will NEVER go back to relaxing my hair.  I cannot think of any reason to but I can think of many reasons to not go back to the land of the living dead.  That’s what my hair was, it was living but it was dead, lifeless and boring.  A few weeks ago I told you how I danced with the devil and cut several inches of hair.  During those few days I had my hair straight, I had a family member tell me “you should wear your hair like that more often”.  What the what?  I think she got one in on me.  This is the same family member going to Hawaii with me next week wondering what she will do with her hair while we are there.  Hmmmph…perhaps you should join me and wear your hair like mine more often.   

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