August 18, 2011

4 DO NOTs When Dealing With A Naturalista

DO NOT assume it is okay to touch their hair.
There have been numerous articles written about this of late.  Randomly approaching someone to run your fingers through their tresses or “pet” their coif is well outside of socially acceptable for most.  If you read my article on the topic, you will see that there are a few occasions I don’t mind.
·         Ill intent – example: to examine if it’s real
·         Ask politely before you approach
DO NOT say “you have that good hair, so you don’t count”
This whole statement is WRONG!  When are we going to move beyond this good hair, bad hair saga that plagues us?  Oh and wait, if I have a certain curl pattern, I am excluded from the natural community?  Come on, really?
DO NOT assume militancy is behind the afro
Just because I may rock an afro does not mean I am ready to organize a modern day Black Panther party.  While natural hairstyles do tend to make bold statements, it should not be assumed that the statement is a political one.
DO NOT assume naturals do not wash their hair
This is not only insulting but it’s also ignorant.  Because of the inherently dry nature of natural hair, many may not shampoo their coif as often as their white counterparts, or even relaxed sistas, however, our hair care regimen does include cleansing.
What are some assumptions you’ve made or someone else has made about your hair?


Nik said...

Agreed!! Especially the "you have that good hair..." comment. Ugh!

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Curly Chic said...

@Nik - isn't that the worse?! I will def check out your blog. Thanks for commenting!