July 01, 2011

Stretching - Natural Hair

Stretching - What is it?
Defined as:  “(of something soft or elastic) Be made or be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking: "rubber will stretch easily when pulled".
Why do we do it?
·         To combat shrinkage
·         Ease the styling process
·         Display actual length
How to do it:
·         Heat – Use the blow dryer and/or flat iron to dry the hair
*This is the method I use but in my opinion is the most damaging.  Therefore, I only do this every now and then for certain occasions.  So far this year, I have done this 3 times.  I primarily do it to create fullness. *Some opt to diffuse the hair after styling, which allows some stretch.
No Stretch - Wash n Go
·         NO Heat – Banding:  Separate wet or dry hair into multiple sections and wrap each using knee highs or cut off stockings along the section.  You could potentially end up with 2-3 bands per section depending on the length of your hair. 
*This method elongates your curls or coils prior to styling without changing curl pattern.
·         Braid or twist hair – large sections
*This method elongates also, however, it gives you a more defined pattern
·         Threading?  

Do you stretch?  If so, send some pics of your results to curlychictg@gmail.com with “I stretch” in the subject line.  Thanks ladies!

Curly Chic

Stretched - Dry Braid Out

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