June 15, 2011

Why #I Write...Tag

“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow...”

My fellow blog sis, Angela of WiseCurls tagged me to share "Why I Write" so here goes!
When I first thought about this question, I thought, this should be really easy.  Simple, because I enjoy writing - duh!  Upon further thought I realized that I have always been able to communicate better on paper.  As an only child, I spent alot of time alone trying to dream up ways to entertain myself.  I would play board games, write song lyrics and of course mother all of my baby dolls.  I was extremely shy and writing was a vehicle of expression.  As a teenager I wrote a mini novel, which I have never shared with anyone to date.  During college, I took a ton of writing of courses and was encouraged by a few professors to consider changing my major to English.  While I did not change my major, it made me start to take my writing a little more serious.  As I started living more of my adult life, my time was no longer my own. Stress and responsibility crept in which made writing even more necessary.  Having children and a family leaves very little time for guilty pleasures.  However, one day I decided to start making time for those things that bring me joy and writing is definitely one of them.  So it's nothing deep.  It's fun but it is a form of therapy for me.  I have some issues but who doesn't and if I can somehow work them out through writing, why not?!  I have many stories to tell and may perhaps revisit that mini novel I wrote years ago.
                                                      "I am an authorist"...Maya Wilkes

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