June 29, 2011

Natural Hair Confidence

Women in general have a unique challenge in dealing with societal issues. The female body is routinely portrayed as a product and a commodity through advertising. Add to that race and color and the stakes are even higher. In an age where articles are being written claiming black women as the most unattractive race, it’s no wonder major self- esteem issues haunt us. This type of negative hype not only creates hatred from outside the race, but major internal conflict as well. We are all too familiar with the juvenile #team lightskin, #team darkskin battles as well as the infamous “Good Hair” references that plague the natural hair community. Here are some suggestions that may prove beneficial in mustering up some hair confidence.

·       Acknowledge that your natural hair is your natural hair. Do what you can to make your hair the healthiest it can be and you have made progress.

·       Don’t compare your hair to others – easier said than done but this is the ultimate from of futility and will ultimately lower your hair self-esteem. There will always be someone with longer, thicker or “prettier” hair and constant comparison will prove to be detrimental.

·       Change up your look. Your overall appearance should evolve as your life changes and your personality and experiences broaden. Do not get stuck in a rut by never changing hairstyles or a regimen. Everything must change.

·       Create a simple hair regimen that works for you and your lifestyle. Once you have a routine, it will be easier to dedicate time for proper care which will result in healthy beautiful hair. This will also help with product junkie mania. Keep in mind that market groups manipulate consumers into believing they are not good enough until you purchase their product.

·       Regular exercise and a healthy diet may sound like a given but not many see the relationship between healthy living and healthy hair. Stress can take a major toll on your hair causing excessive shedding. Regular exercise and diet will help alleviate stress.
·         Loving the hair you were given
Embracing your god given traits can sometimes be difficult but it is possible. Practicing positive affirmations will aid in self- love and improve overall attitude about your hair.



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