May 24, 2011

Why You Might Be A Natural Hair Snob

Do you purchase certain products based solely on name brand?  Do you purchase products based on what your favorite celebrity is using?  Are you insulted by the mere suggestion of using certain products because they are sold in drug stores for a less expensive price?  Do you place products in a sort of hierarchy and deem only certain hair types worthy?  If so, you may be considered a natural snob.  Here are some other hints of some natural snobbery:
·      Do you ask people what products they use in their hair only so you can start telling them what they SHOULD use?

Unsolicited advice is not always welcomed, especially when it appears to be critical in nature.  Hair is very personal and coming off as a self proclaimed know it all is nothing short of annoying.
·    Do you look down on those who purchase products from certain stores? 

In this economy, wise consumer choices are necessary and expensive doesn’t always equal better quality.  Perhaps everyone doesn’t place hair products as high in the hierarchy as you do.  Some of the least expensive product lines yield fantastic results.

·    Do you refuse to acknowledge input from someone who hasn’t been natural as long as you have?

The seasoned doesn’t always know best, often but not always.  It is possible to learn new things from newbie naturals and being open to learning shows maturity and humbleness.

·    Do you adhere to strict product ingredient guidelines and look down on those who don’t?

Calm it down. Your membership as a naturalista will not be revoked if you do not use all natural products.  However, if this is your preference, recognize that it is just that – YOUR personal choice.  Forcing your opinions on someone else creates resistance.  There is nothing wrong with being eco friendly, however, what has proven to be fabulous for your tresses, may not be optimal for the next curly head.

·    Do you make your mission to recruit relaxed women into the natural world by accusing them of not being interested in healthy hair?

Perhaps your natural quest has turned into an overwhelming need to be the voice of naturals all over the world.  Understand that a person who chooses to relax their hair, may feel just as strongly as you do about your choice not to.  The sooner you accept this, the better. 
Curly Chic

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Jc said...

This was a funny yet very true post! I met a girl who refused to use anything apart from Oyin. Being in the UK she was actually paying 50 dollars a month in import duty. 50 dollars could buy me a lot of herbal essences lol

Curly Chic said...

@Jc - I have been trying to respond to your comment for 2 days! #technical difficulties.
WOW - she must really love her some Oyin! Perhaps there's a little natural snobbery in all of us! LOL