May 20, 2011

Angels Aren’t Just In Heaven Anymore - Natural Hair on TV

Angel: “a person, esp a woman, who is kind, pure, or beautiful”
Awhile ago, during an episode of The Game, I tweeted “natural alert, threesome candidate for Derwin & girl Melanie” (Episode 409 to be exact and yes I am a huge fan of the show). Playing that part was a lovely lady who I had never seen before but for any General Hospital fans, she is not a new face.  I recently found out who she is and am now able to put a name with the face.  She is Annie Ilonzeh and she has the face of an angel.  Charlie’s to be exact.   ABC has announced a new show coming this fall that I am very excited about. The lovely Annie is a Nigerian-American actress playing the role of an ex cop, Kate. 
Link to trailer video:

The 1970s show Charlie’s Angels was one of my favorites.  There were not many women on television at that time and even less brown faced women so as a little girl, you cling to whatever you images are on television. The women were beautiful and powerful and that appealed to me. 
At any rate, the show is being reincarnated but this time, one of the angels is an alluring brown girl!  

The closest we’ve seen to a woman of color in this role was on the Destiny’s Child CD cover! We do see more brown faces in primetime in 2011; however, I cannot recall many flaunting natural tresses in a starring role.  I am super hyped to check out the new series and I hope it makes it past the first few episodes! 

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