April 20, 2011

Top 5 Things I DON’T Miss About My Relaxer


1.   Counting the days
Every 6 – 8 weeks that relaxer alarm rings loud!  It’s time for that touch up!  My scalp would get itchy, my hair would begin to shed.  I can remember pulling out the calendar and placing the all important event on there.  Tracking it like a woman tracks her (LMP) monthly cycle!  I would write “6 weeks since last relaxer” (LR) 

2.   The feeling of anxiety while the relaxer sits on my head.
      When will it start to burn?  Did she get it straight enough?  Then telling myself “I’m going to let it burn as long as I can stand it because I want my hair super straight! 

3.   Did I scratch my scalp today?
Everyone knows it is almost a death sentence to scratch your scalp right before you are going to get it relaxed.  That feeling as I laid my head back in the shampoo bowl waiting for the water to hit my scalp wondering if there would be a scab was torture.

4.  The fear that my “edges” would sweat out in the club, in the gym or in the bedroom!
Where’s the freedom in that? 

5.   The cost – probably the most obvious. 
I believe it was $65 at the time; it has been a minute since I’ve had one.  Too much to pay for something so temporary yet with permanent damaging effects.


LadeeB said...

lol I love that now Im no longer relaxing I don't have to worry about any of those. I love that I can shower without having to tie my hair down with a scarf & a shower cap....a plastic grocery bag, another scarf (exaggerating now) just to make sure the water didn't get to my relaxed hair lol Oh the drama.

Curly Chic said...

LOL! It's funny because sometimes I catch myself exhibiting "pre-natural" behavior and then I catch myself and say "hold up, we natural, no need!"