April 21, 2011

Give The Sista A Break - Carol's Daughter

 “There are no ugly women, just lazy women.”...Estee

With all the chatter surrounding the latest Carol’s Daughter Beauty In Diversity ad campaign featuring Solange Knowles, Selita Ebanks and Cassie, I thought it appropriate to mention the Estee Lauder campaign launched earlier this year.  It features diverse beauty in women from around the globe and I think it is beautiful.  Wanna read more?  Click here.

The Carol’s Daughter ad had bloggers flocking to their keyboards the last few weeks.  The very first article I read about the campaign was very positive but then as the days went on, I started to read more and more negative comments.  “ Where are the dark skinned women?!”  The negative consensus is that there should have been a darker skinned woman featured as well.  At times I feel we are, in the words of Chris Brown “waiting for them to eff up”.  Ok those aren’t the exact lyrics but you get the picture.  When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a beautiful photo with 3 beautiful women of color.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I mean isn’t Carol’s Daughter, Lisa Price brown skinned herself?  I mean, I’m just saying.
To read more about Lisa Price’s incredible story click here.

 I don’t believe she was thinking “light skinned = beauty so let me be sure to only put light skinned women in this ad”.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and this is just mine.  Sometimes you have to pick your battles.  Not every issue warrants a political race riot or a boycott.  Al Sharpton doesn’t need to intervene.  These women are no less deserving of the spotlight than a woman with darker skin, right?  They are women of color so can’t we just celebrate that?!  I’m just saying.


Jc said...

I think the problem is that the press release with the ad made a pointed remark about how they were celebrating the diversity of skin.

The picture really does not reflect their statement and instead of people being happy about the the three lovely ladies, they begin to get hot and bothered about the lack of diversity.

If the CD team had just released the picture without the skin comment it would have been a different story

Sabrina P. said...

You are the second blogger who has mentioned this issue and I really haven't heard anything about it until now. I'm not a purchaser of Carol's Daughter so I really can't comment on the actual products but I can understand when some Black women feel only light-skinned women get attention. I understand the great big Media loves showing lighter skinned women in more ads and such, but from a black company trying to market ALL colors of the spectrum...I guess some are ticked off they don't see thier colore being publically and advertisingly represented.

Now, I guess I'm going to have to delve into this issue and blog about it but I really don't have an opinion on it either way. As long as we see women of color I'm happy.

Curly Chic said...

JC - I see what you are saying and I definiately see why it would cause some discussion...can't please everyone all the time unfortunately.

Curly Chic said...

Sabrina P - yeah, check it out. You can't miss the topic if you peruse the blogs!