April 08, 2011

Pink Lipstick and Eyelashes!

I know - what does one have to do with eachother?  I want this lipstick and it seems to go with some pretty lashes!  Don't ask why, it just does. 
This lipcolor is called "Quite Cute", how appropriate.  I haven't worn pink lipstick since the 80s!  I guess I'm behind the times but I am typically a nude girl (no pun intended).  Something about Spring has me wanting to to add a little pink to my life.  I want this lipcolor in "play time" which is has a little more pink pigment.  It seems very shy girly but still flirty and sexy.  Has anyone tried it?

Here are the different finishes - I think I want Ultra Creamy!
Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.
  • AMPLIFIED CREME (A): Ultra-creamy. Quietly shiny. Color-packed! Hi-res: hi-impact.
  • CREMESHEEN (C): Creme-based lipstick that imparts bright full color, with a soft and supple shine.
  • MATTE (M): Pigment rich with intense color pay-off. No-shine, all matte finish.
  • SATIN (S): Color-rich. Soft satin, semi-matte finish. Conditions while adding intense color.
Here is a great tutorial on applying fake lashes!  It is a little long but it does give step by step instructions which is great for someone like me who has no clue.  I am going to be so cute this Spring!  Next thing - hit the gym!  I just joined one.  Now I just need to go!

If you really want to get fly, check out this post I found on Addicted to All Things Pretty on Mink Lashes!

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