April 14, 2011

NaturalViews with Angela

Meet Angela

When did your natural journey begin?
My natural journey began almost 6 years ago.
What/Who inspired you to go the natural route?
Hmmmm….going natural 6 years ago was nothing like it is today. There weren’t many blogs, tutorials or websites geared towards “our” hair and embracing it in its natural state. So going natural for me was something that just happened. While relaxed, I tried it all: weaves braids, short hair, long hair, coloring, etc. Relaxed hair simply didn’t hold my interest any longer.  So one day, after about two months of receiving a relaxer, I big chopped and never looked back.
How do you rock your natural?  (Curly, straight, locked, etc.)
I rock my natural locked J This is my second time around on this journey and I am loving every struggle, hesitation and uncertainty on this ride.
What is your current routine?  Do you change your routine according to the season?
Being only 4 months into the locking process, my routine is fairly simple: wash and re-twist every 3-4 weeks. Washing locs is strongly discouraged during the maturing phase and is something that I struggle with. With summer months approaching, I’m learning how to wash and not “disturb” the process and keep my scalp clean.  Using a hair net (in the beginning) while I shampooed allowed me to achieve this. I found that my hair is locking at record speed on this second go-around.
Is there one product line that you have had great success with?
I absolutely LOVE the Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products line.  Whether I’m rocking loose or locked hair, this line has worked very well with my hair.
What is the one thing you love about your hair?
I love that every day is a good hair day. However my hair “decides” to fall is alright by me J

Freestyle!  Anything else you would like to share – about hair or any topic?
For all that are considering going natural or embarking on a loc journey, do it because YOU want to and not because it’s what’s “in” at the moment. Enjoy YOUR journey. Like fingerprints, all hair is unique. Find what works for you and enjoy every second of your ride.

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