April 13, 2011

Everything In Moderation - Right? Healthy Eating Tips from Angela, Guest Blogger

Ever had a bad case of the “sweet tooth”? So severe, you envisioned yourself eating an entire Publix sheet cake? *raises hand* - that was me this week.
Sure, I could have just eaten a small slice of cake or a cupcake, like some people and websites suggested, but I knew that I wouldn’t have done so in moderation. 

So I kept doing some research online and found some sound advice in battling this “sweet tooth”.  Below are two that really stuck out to me and allowed me to overcome the urge to buy that sheet cake:
·         Chew some good old fashion gum. Research shows that buy chewing a stick of gum satisfies the sweet tooth, but also suppresses the “false appetite” behind the sugar cravings
·         Grab a piece of fruit!  Fruit has natural sugars that are bound to give you your sugar fix. It is also loaded with nutrients and fibers that will supply us with energy longer.
To find more ways to battle the dreaded sweet tooth, check out this link: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/13-ways-to-fight-sugar-cravings
What are something things you struggle with on the eating healthy journey?

13 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings by Wendy Fries

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