April 27, 2011

Glutton for Punishment - Don't Judge!


If you know anything about teenagers, you know they think they know everything and as such, rebellion sometimes becomes their way of life.  It’s not that they don’t know any better or even that they think the parent is wrong in the reinforcing of rules.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of, "I want to do it and I’m going to do it".  Even though I know I’m going to be in big trouble when I get home, the fun I’m having in this moment is worth it!  Sort of a glutton for punishment, if you will.  Well, sometimes I’m like that rebellious teenager when it comes to my hair.   There is no excuse for any natural now days to be ignorant about how to care for their precious curls.  There are blogs, You Tube tutorials, and articles on top of articles surrounding proper hair care.  I can rattle off the “hair rules” in my sleep – it’s really simple.  "Moisture, protect the ends, tie it up at night, yada yada yada".  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I will never stop coloring my hair.  I have been coloring my hair for umpteenth years and don’t see an end in sight.  Not only do I color, I bleach to achieve the lightness I want.  I did it with my relaxed tresses which was even worse.  Double no – no!  It is a proven fact that colored hair generates dryness, brittleness and is damaging to the hair.  Guess what, I will be getting my hair dyed in the next few weeks!  I do it every Spring and this year will be no different.  My dark roots are out of control and I can’t take it anymore. 
Do you bleach your natural hair?  If so, check out this article about the damage that occurs:
What behavior do you practice even though you know it’s bad for your hair health?

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