April 19, 2011

Are You An Emotional Eater? Healthy Eating Tips from Angela, Guest Blogger

The term “busy” is an understatement for full time moms. We always must make sure that everyone and everything is in order. I’ve learned that when chaos is present, I usually tend to pick up of food. Not necessarily because I’m hungry, but because I’m stressed. I’m an emotional eater, I can admit that, hence the struggle to get rid of the excess “baby weight”. I really need to stop calling it baby weight, my children are 8 and 5, they are no longer babies, but I digress.

Being an emotional eater does not have to control our lives once we learn how to combat and defeat it. Here are some helpful tips I’m striving to master:
1)      Eat balanced meals. Protein satisfies hunger, so try lean protein in each meal. This does not necessarily mean we have to eat meat at each meal. Try options such as a hardboiled egg or yogurt.
2)      Try not to skip meals. I know that when things are chaotic, it can be difficult to eat something nutritious. This is where snacking comes in. Try a small apple or orange when you are strapped for time.

3)      GET UP FROM THE COMPUTER OR DESK when eating. Excuse me for yelling (this is a constant reminder for me as well). Get away from the very thing causing the stress or unwelcomed emotion. Take a walk and accompany that with a handful of almonds.

When we understand why we eat, making healthier food choices can be a little bit easier. Here’s to healthier eating!


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