February 25, 2011

Weekend Hair Plans - Braid Out

Today I am still wearing my twist out from earlier this week.  Still looking alright but I fear that my curls may end up as locs if I don’t do something to them soon! 

The Master Plan
Late tonight  (I have a long day ahead of me) I will shampoo, condition and deep condition.  I will either sit under the dryer for 30 minutes with a plastic cap with the deep conditioner or I will leave it in over night.  I haven’t decided on that yet, whichever time permits.  

After rinsing and a major detangling session, I will then braid my hair in preparation for a braid out – nothing new right?  Well, typically I do a braid out with just 4 gynormous braids to achieve my BIG hair, but this time, I plan on doing 20 – 25 braids.  Wish me luck and check out this braid out tutorial from the lovely MopTop.  Her hair is so gorgeous!  It may inspire you to try this look over the weekend!  Speaking of Mop Top, keep her in your prayers and wish her a speedy recovery.


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