January 26, 2011

That Girl They Call Barbie

Ruth Handler invented the infamous Barbie Doll in 1959.  Every little girl wanted one!  The image?  Pretty little girl next door, blonde hair, hour glass figure.  Over the years, she had it all – cars, townhomes and great friends!  It wasn’t until 1981 that we would see a black girl enter her circle of friends!  Her name?  Christie!  I had many barbies and accessories when I was little but I was so excited when I got my Christie head doll.  You could roll her hair and doll her up. 
Check out this Barbie – Magic Curl Barbie from 1981.  I don’t remember her from when I was little!  She came in vanilla and chocolate and her hair starts out curly, then you could straighten it! 

Look at what a difference 50 years makes!


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