January 27, 2011

Hair Intervention

Do you guys watch the A&E show Intervention?  I love it and try not to miss it!  The stories are so riveting and I cry on almost every episode.  The people are in such distress, they put their drug of choice before anything and everyone.
If your friends did an Intervention to aid you in your addiction to hair products and threatened to cut you off unless you met this one condition:
Get rid of all of your hair products today, with the exception of one item. 

What product would you hold on to?
This is hard for me - as of late, I would have to say my olive oil!  The benefits of olive oil will allow me to replace many of the items and I am being forced to throw out.  Why Olive Oil? 
A few reasons:
  • Naturally conditions (replace the conditioners)
  • Adds shine and makes your hair soft (replace the serums)
  • It is a penetration oil that is said to help prevent and cure hair loss
  • Promotes overall scalp health
**upcoming post on Olive Oil!

PSA:  If you or someone you know is struggling with Product Junkism, know that you are not alone and there is help for you.  Please call us 1-800-IAMAPJ or visit or site:  www.Iamaproductjunkie.com

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