January 17, 2011

Pretty Girl Rock

Check out how these pretty girls rock their TWAs (teeny weeny afro)!

SirRealPhotography.com - his photography is awesome BTW!

For some the TWA is a result of doing the “BC” (big chop) in preparation for their new naturalhood, but for others, it is simply the style of choice.  Rocking a TWA requires boldness and confidence and these ladies have plenty of both!

bits and bobbins

I love all three of these - no flower, no head wrap!  The color is their accessory!  You know how I love my color!  I think it adds a little  extra something to any hairstyle!  I wanted to include the last lady's entire look.

another photo from SirRealphoto
Love the earrings!

Link to some celeb stories on their big chop - ENJOY!

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