January 31, 2011

All Tangled Up, The Detangling Series

“The longer my hair gets, the more tangles and knots I get, the more trimming must be done.  It’s a never ending cycle!  How is my hair supposed to grow?!

This is not me yet, however, I feel myself slowly approaching this state of mind!  I recently posted a length check and my hair is really made some great strides.  With that being said, we all know - more hair more problems.  What to do?  What to do?  Am I sacrificing length to eliminate knots?  How do I get rid of the knots and still have long hair?  Can I do both?  Here are my thoughts:
I did a semi self trim a few weeks ago and I can see a difference.   It wasn’t thorough and I haven’t had a real trim since October so it is time to get one.  Long on knots, short on time!  I need at least 45 minutes to detangle my hair at its current length!  What?  45 minutes?  Where am I supposed to get those minutes from?  Take it out of time with my son?  Sleep less?  Skip a meal?  Bottom line is this - detangling is non negotiable so I must make the time to do it properly.  This leads me to my post and latest poll (PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!) about proper detangling.  Yesterday I deep conditioned and washed my hair.  I was summonsed to lend a friendly ear to my girlfriend over dinner so I was in a dilemma!  Either skip dinner or quickly detangle and style my hair.  I only had 4 hours to cook dinner for my household, prepare my son for his nap, and do my hair.  Not a lot of time!  I used the wide tooth comb in the shower with loads of Trader Joe’s conditioner.  I then detangled more thoroughly out of the shower with Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In-Detangler.  The front was not as difficult but I’m dealing with some unruly strands in the back – particularly in the nape area.  It’s as if I fell asleep with gum in my mouth and woke up the next day to find my hair wrapped in it.  I must figure out where these extra tangles are coming from and more importantly, the best plan of attack.  Here’s what advice NaturalHairGrows.com has to offer regarding tangles and knots!
I have been wearing my hair out (braid outs) alot because I’ve really been feelin’ the BIGNESS!  However, I made a promise to do more protective styles and I know this will help with all of these tangles.  Back to my bun tomorrow!  I think my hair rubbing up against coats and scarves is also contributing to the knots.
How do you deal with those pesky tangles and knots?

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