August 22, 2013

WonderCurl Detoxifying Clay Cleanser – Product Review

Wonder Curl is expanding its product line by the minute adding more great items and I, for one am excited.  If you follow me on Instagram, or any social media outlet, you know I’m always singing its praises!  When it comes to hair products, there’s not too much hype about shampoo.  I mean it’s just shampoo, it’s a cleanser, you put it in your hair, massage your scalp, rinse and keep it moving.  So imagine my surprise when I first used the new Detoxifying Clay Cleanser and was actually wowed. 
I always use a product at least 3 times before sharing my experience and this was no different.   Each time I had consistent results, which is what you hope for.  This clay is formulated to “remove impurities from the scalp and gently wash away dirt from the hair”.  Initially I was skeptical because I had never used clay in my hair before.  I’ve used Bentonite clay as a face mask but never in my hair.  I thought my hair would end up hard and the clay would be difficult to distribute.  On the contrary, I applied the clay in the same method as I would a liquid shampoo with ease.  My hair was actually very soft and the product had a lot of slip which was another surprise.  It slid right through my hair standing its ground against my knots and tangles.  I washed my hair while separated into 4 sections which is par for the course for me.  After about 5 minutes, I rinsed thoroughly and went on to apply the Restoring Deep Treatment (stay tuned for that review as well).  Chock with ingredients that we are all familiar with such as organic aloe and castor oil, it stands to reason that it’s the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to cleansers.  Of course that’s just a hyperbole as many things have been deemed great, but you get the point right?  Much love to Scarlett, founder and creator of WonderCurl for sending this jar of goodness my way!
 Have you had the pleasure yet?  Click here for purchasing information on this and other fab WonderCurl products and I’d love to hear what you think!

Rating: 5 out of 5 curls

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