June 19, 2013

Tracee Ellis Ross - "I Don't Want You To Want My Hair"

When I saw this pic on instagram I had to laugh.  I am a huge Tracee Ellis Ross fan like most.  I’m that girl who’s still trying to understand why they ended Girlfriends so abruptly 5 years ago.   I could relate on so many levels to each of the characters and I lived to see Joan’s beautiful bead of curls and clothing ensemble every week.   I still relive those days by watching the reruns that air daily.  An ideal Sunday afternoon for me is a bowl of popcorn, accompanied by a glass of red wine and a Sex And The City marathon followed by a Girlfriends marathon.  When it comes to Tracee’s hair, I too have spent more time than I should spinning my wheels trying to come with a way to have curls at least similar to hers.  I can’t even front.  No we don’t have the same curl pattern and no it never turned out that way, but it never stopped me from trying.  I am a self- proclaimed Tracee Ellis Ross groupie.  I follow her blog and every other social media outlet available and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I almost died when she favorite one of my tweets!  Now back to the instagram pic, her video response made me love her even more.  Her humbling admission about how she once felt about her hair makes her seem even more relatable. 

Check out the video and her call to action and you will see what I mean:

Why do you love your hair?

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