October 23, 2012

7 Deadly Sins of Curly Hair Care Products to Avoid, Timothy - Guest Blogger

Love your natural curls and all the second looks you get from passersby? Then you don’t want to do anything to your curly hair that may damage it. Yet, many times over-processing and styling products can wreak havoc on natural curly hair, causing it to become brittle, frizzy, and very unmanageable. Protect your tresses by avoiding the 7 products that may damage curly hair.

Heat styling is one of the worst culprits when it comes to damaging curly hair. From hair dryers to flat irons, heat styling can damage curly hair in very little time. This is especially true if you use heat styling on a daily basis. The remedy? At least once a week, give your hair a break from heat styling products and let air dry.

Cheap shampoos are another deadly sin when it comes to natural curly hair care. While you may think you are saving money on hair care, you are really doing damage to your natural hair that will require professional repair. Why? Cheap shampoos are often made with chemicals that strip the hair of natural oils, changing the structure of the hair.

Hair sprays contain a ton of alcohol to dry the hair quickly into the latest styles. However, they are very damaging to natural curly hair as they build up on hair shafts over time. This can cause hair to become lifeless, dull and dry, which makes it impossible to work with. Try a natural hair mousse instead to bring out your curls and shine.

Home hair coloring products can turn boring hair into an artful masterpiece of color, but if not applied correctly, it can be disastrous to natural curly hair. Instead of buying a hair color product from a retailer, take the time to consult with a professional hair colorist to give you the right treatment to enhance your natural curly hair texture and color.

Sun lightning sprays that are very popular for giving hair that sun-kissed look can also cause a lot of damage to naturally curly hair. Not only will this make your hair dry up and become frizzy, but it can also make hair brittle and breakage will occur over just a few times of using it. If you want highlights, have them done by a professional salon or use clip in highlights.

Straightening serums that are designed to help flatten your curly tresses are not always a good idea for daily use. Over time, they will change the shape of your hair, causing it to stretch and break. If you like the idea of natural hair that is less curly, make an appointment with a hair stylist who specializes in treating natural curly hair to give it that sleeker look.

Bands and hair clips used in the hair may be nice in the summer months or for special occasions, but with daily use they can damage naturally curly hair. Because they pull the hair into position, they can cause hair to crimp up, or worse yet to be pulled from the scalp leaving thin spots. Use hair clips sparingly.

About the Author: Timothy Jenkins is a salon professional writing for Philip James Salon. When he’s not working, you can find Tim study photography at the Art Institute in Chicago.

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