September 06, 2012

Hair Preparation for the Fall

Just as I don’t follow the “no white after Labor Day” rule, I no longer subscribe to the “no curls post summer” rule that some live by.  I'm that natural who will straighten her hair a few times per year but it usually has nothing to do with the weather.  I just go with how I am feeling about my hair week to week.  With fall around the corner, I am pondering what’s next.  It’s been a great summer but I have grown tired of the running my air conditioner every day non- stop and all of this mugginess as of late is for the birds!  As for my warddrobe, I cannot wait to get to layering and step into my boots and comfy sweaters but fall gives you the opportunity to ease into it gracefully.  As for my hair, I have a few thoughts in mind but nothing definite.  As with any season change, I will assess my product arsenal and recap what my hair responds favorably to during the cooler months. 

Here are a few of my fall – winter looks from the past!
2 fat twists 2011

braid out 2011

blow out/flat iron 2012

the puff 2010
Are you preparing for seasonal hair changes yet?

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