August 10, 2012

NaturalView with Eboni

NaturalView with Eboni
Meet Eboni
wash and go
I am super excited to share my recent NaturalView with a lovely curly who I first became an admirer of based on her fashion blog, The Fashionista Next Door.  Her “to die” for curls were just the icing on the cake!  Read on and you’ll see why!

I love your “Style Me Friday” segments!  Besides reader requests, where do you find style inspiration?
Oh gosh, I find inspiration everywhere, but I think lately I’ve really been loving Look Books from my favorite brand – even those high end brands that I can’t necessarily afford (hello J. Crew!)  offer great styling inspiration that can be applied to items I already own!

Style Me Friday
I imagine your closet is the epitome of insanity with endless options!  What are your fave staple pieces?  What are your “go to” pieces when you are in a pinch? 
Umm YES! Insanity is a good word to describe the room I call a closet.  In a pinch, wear a dress.  It’s one piece, and all you have to think about is shoes.  You can even skip accessories and go with a pair of giant studs (real or fake) and a bold lip. Done and done.

How would you describe your fashion style?
In one word. Eclectic. I like to try new things.  It doesn’t always work out, but I am not afraid to try.

For those who don’t know, what motivated you to start a fashion blog?  How much research is involved in maintaining your site for those who may be inspired to start their own?
Honestly, other bloggers inspired me to start my blog.  I was completely obsessed with blogs when I discovered them in 2009, but I was also intimidated by what I perceived to be people with perfect lives, endless budgets, and professional photographers at their fingertips.  Eventually a friend convinced me to start one, and I had a rocky start, but it bloomed into something I love.
Blogging is definitely a part-time second job.  I sometimes stay up ‘til the wee hours of the morning researching, editing, and writing blog posts.  It’s definitely a labor of love.

I think hair and fashion go hand in hand in that they feed off of each other.  How much does your style influence your hair style for the day or of the moment?  In other words, what comes first?  Heels or hair?
Oh gosh, my hair.  Well, at the moment I am a tad bit bored with my hair.  I embarked on a healthy hair journey that started last year, and if I’m not wearing it down and free, I just don’t know what to do with it.  I’ve recently embraced the top knot as my go-to hair style in a pinch, but I’m slightly over that. Lol!  So, on that note, ideally hair should come first, but since I am stuck in a rut, I’ll say heels! Ha!  I will say that I do change my outfit all the time when I feel like it doesn’t work with my hair.  Especially curly hair…sometimes if my outfit has a lot going on, I’ll want to save it for a day when my hair is pulled back so the hair isn’t competing with the look.

Of course I have some questions about your beautiful curls.  What are your hair product staples?
This totally changes all the time.  I am a member of CurlBox, so I love trying new stuff.  I also recently partnered with Ouidad for a series of guests posts and I got to try a lot of their products.  My favorites were the 12 Minute Deep Treatment, the Climate Control Gel (AMAZE) and the Hydrafusion Curl Cream (Double AMAZE).  Beyond these, my tried and true styling product is definitely Kinky Curly “Knot Today.”  My hair is fine, and this product smoothes and clumps my hair to perfection, without weighing it down…and leaves zero flakes! My wash’n go can last a full week with this stuff.

What is your biggest curly hair challenge?
Definitely lack of volume.  I know I really need to cut my hair and get some layers to add volume, but I really prefer my straight hair without layers, so I am kinda torn.  On the other hand, I rarely wear my hair straight anymore, so should probably just go for the cut.

What are 2 things you love about your hair?
Versatility. Curl Pattern.

How often do you use heat on your hair?
I try to limit heat to once every three months, if that.

Do you have a signature hair style?  Please share.
No, but I need one.  Suggestions anyone? LOL…oh wait! For a while my bantu knot-out was my signature.  I loved it. People loved it. It was HOT! But, it was also causing my ends to knot really bad as my hair grew, so I stopped doing them.  Maybe I should revisit?
bantu knot out

Many thanks to Eboni for sharing and don’t forget to check out her blog!

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