May 24, 2012

Let’s Talk – Natural Hair and Job Interviews

There has been much discussion surrounding natural hair in the corporate world. Is textured hair considered unprofessional?  Does it affect your positioning and career path?  Do the “powers that be” make assumptions about your skillset based on your natural mane?  I heard a story about a woman who wore her hair straight during her interview but once she was offered the position and started working for the company, she wore her natural textured hair and was told she “misrepresented herself”.  Right or wrong, we can all agree that people judge based on appearance and that first impressions are everything.  If you have a job interview, do you “tone down” your afro, do you forgo the twist out and break out the flat iron?
How do you style your hair for a job interview?


Anonymous said...

I have straightened my hair if the job is in a situation that is more conservative.It really depends. Sometimes I will pull it back in a bun. In an interview I don't want my hair to take center stage.I just know. In the end what really matters is job performance.

Anonymous said...

Ileave my hair alone. I have NEVER changed my hair up for a job interview. I don't see the point. But then I don't wear "extreme"styles in my personal life either (bantu knots and the rest). However I wear my hair in my personal life is how I wear my hair at a job interview.