February 06, 2012

NaturalView with Scarlett

I met Scarlett last summer in New Jersey at a private natural hair party and fell in love with her curls!  Since then I have had the chance to use her products and I’ve been a fan ever since.  I think you will enjoy my recent chat with her just as much as I did!  Check it out.  Isn’t she gorgeous????

What is the story behind Wonder Curl?  What made you start your own product line?
Wonder Curl first started as a website that offered information and guidance to other naturals. I started working on my own hair care line because I wanted to create products that would make all curly hair look and feel great.

What would you be doing if you weren’t the owner and creator of Wonder Curl?
Right now, Wonder Curl is my side hustle that I’m building to become my full time job. I live and breathe Wonder Curl and even dream about it. The business of curly hair is my passion.

Is this your full time gig?  How do you stay on top of the day to day? (website, production, etc.)
I work as a marketing manager full-time. The great thing is that I’m able to apply what I learn from my full-time job to Wonder Curl and vice-versa. My evenings and weekends are spent focused on building my business.

How do you remain competitive in the natural hair market?
I believe in making great products that people will love. I won’t put anything on the market that I don’t believe is better than what is already out. I also love feedback, by hearing from my customers I’m able to create products that they will want to use. And when people love something, they will tell their friends.

I know your product line is doing big things!  You recently experienced some expansion.  For those who don’t know, please tell us about that.
Since I started offering my products wholesale, I’ve gotten so many inquiries from store owners and distributors from all over. I’m now able to offer my products throughout Europe, in Trinidad as well as through great stores in the US. To meet the demand, I’ve had to move operations from my home and into a warehouse. It’s a great feeling to watch your business grow.

What has been a major lesson you’ve learned when launching your own product line?
You can’t do it alone! I am a bit of a control freak, and this is a good thing and a bad thing. On the one hand, it’s very important that the image of Wonder Curl stays true to who I am, but on the other hand, it’s good to listen to other voices. Sometimes, what might seem like a terrible idea to you can be an amazing one, you just have to let it marinate.

What are 3 things you love about your hair?
I love the attention that my hair gets me. I never have gotten so many compliments when my hair was straight. And my hair is its own person, I even named her, Lola. LOL
I also love that it’s the healthiest it’s ever been. I shed less often now than when I was relaxed. Lastly, my hair is an extension of me. It doesn’t matter if it’s long or short, but I always feel confident in my skin because I let my hair do what it does naturally, grow curly and not fight it like I used to.

What are a few great tips for helping curls thrive during the winter?
Winter hair needs more moisture. I make sure I always use a good conditioner with slip so I won’t damage my hair when I detangle. I use more moisturizing products such as BTL Pudding & Whipped and not as much Jelly in the winter, as opposed to more Jelly and less moisture products in the summer. Whether its summer or winter, I try not to skip my styling routine after I wash my hair, I end up paying for it later with a dry, tangled mess!

Have you always been a natural beauty?  If not, what was your biggest challenge?  If yes, did you ever consider relaxing?
I relaxed my hair until I was in my 20s from a regular relaxer to a so-called texturizer. I became truly chemical free in June 2006 and haven’t used any chemicals that might alter my curl pattern. I haven’t straightened my hair in over a year. The last time I flat ironed my hair, it reverted to curly in 20 minutes.

I’ve read a lot of craziness surrounding certain curl patterns not knowing the “true struggle” of being natural.  Do you experience any snobbery from fellow naturals because of your curl pattern?
I don’t get any snobbery, but skepticism from some curlies who don’t believe that Wonder Curl products will work in their hair because we have a different curl pattern. First, I show them my hair without any products in it. My hair is dry, frizzy and super poofy. I have thick and dense hair. And they look at my hair with the products and are in disbelief. I also show them before & after results of other curlies with all curl patterns, they are then sold!
What 3 products does your hair love?  All WonderCurl right? J
Get Set Hair Jelly is my go to product that I use all year round. And I love the other products the same, it’s like trying to choose which child is your favorite, I just can’t do it! They’re all great depending on the style I want to go with.

Does your hair care regimen change with the seasons?
I swap out the styling products that I use depending on the seasons. Right now, with the cooler, dry air, I use the Butter than Love Pudding for moisture and smooth the Get Set Hair Jelly to sections to keep my curls defined then add the Butter than Love Hair Whipped to the ends (I dyed my ends and they’re uber-dry). In the summer, I use the Get Slick Hair Smoothie since it’s lighter than the Pudding but still gives my hair moisture and layer more Get Set Hair Jelly on top to keep the humidity out.

Thank you so much for allowing us into your hair world.  Please do not forget to check out the WonderCurl.com site, follow WonderCurl on twitter and facebook!
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