February 28, 2012

How Do You Seal Your Ends?, Sabrina – Guest Blogger

Sealing our ends.  You can't go to a Natural hair site or blog without hearing about it.  It's so important!  It has to be done to retain length and keep those split ends away as well as keeping moisture in.  We learn how great it is or how necessary it is but does anyone explain HOW to do it?
I know there are tons of Naturals on YouTube showing how they do it but what about the Natural who doesn't like YouTube?  Yea, like me.  I like explanations I can read.  Call me old-fashioned I guess, but I'm sure I'm not alone.
Sealing your ends basically means keeping the moisture in with an oil.  Using the oil as a top coat on your hair.  Just like a top coat you use when polishing your nails.  For your polish it's to keep the color longer.  For your hair, it's keeping the moisture sealed in as well as keeping those ends covered to combat split ends.
You start with wet hair since water is the best moisturizer in the world!  Apply your leave-in conditioner and whatever styling product you use during your routine then add your top coat (sealant) to the entire head.  Not a lot is needed and I prefer Coconut oil.  I've heard some Naturals use Shea Butter, Grapeseed oil, Olive oil....it's really your own preference.  But the main thing to remember is that it must be an oil or a butter of some kind.  
The term is 'sealing your ends' but you are really sealing all of your hair with a barrier of Natural oils to retain moisture and fight off split ends. I hope this step is part of your routine but if not then jump on it!
Let's keep those ends sealed Naturals,

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