January 11, 2012

Natural Hair - Wendy Williams Show

I tuned into Wendy “how you doing” Williams the other day, as I do everyday.  This day I was uber excited about the male cast of The Game being on the show, particularly Pooch Hall,*swoons*…that man! 
The lovely Brandi who is joining the cast this year was also present with her flawless skin and gorgeous hair.  She is always very well put together and I really like her, always have. 

Not that the male eye candy alone wasn’t enough to keep my attention but I always look forward to the “Ask Wendy” segment of the show.  I think her advice is usually on point and her delivery is direct and very matter of face which I admire.  The question I found interesting was from a beautiful young lady who was there with her mother in law.  Her hair was straight with a part on the side and shoulder length.  Her issue was that she wanted her mother in law to apply a relaxer to her 3 year natural hair because she works out.  Ok I know typically we black women tend to steer clear of all activities threatening to sweat out our “edges” but I thought the natural hair community was not so threatened by this.  Clearly it is an issue.
 She asked Wendy if she should find someone else to do her hair and Wendy’s initial response was “well, can’t you just apply a mild relaxer to her hair?” but then the mother in law elaborated.  She explained how for years her hair was relaxed and she experienced major damage, which is why she decided to forgo the chemical in the first place.  She went on to say “she doesn’t need it, she has beautiful hair”. Wendy then advised her to “stay natural as long as you can”. 
 Did anyone else see this segment?  If so, what did you think about it?  What did you think about the mother in law's comment?  What advice would you have given?


naturallythebest said...

I did not see this but now I wish I would have watched the show. But I wouldnt have given the advice to get a mild relaxer from the jump since she has been natural for three years. Obviously she went natural for a reason, however Wendy wears wigs and she might not have a lot of knowledge about natural hair so that response does not surprise me. I am glad that she told her to stay natural as long as she can. From my point of view I would have told her to get a stylist that would enlighten her on styles that she can wear and achieve on her own due to her working out. There is a solution for everything

Curly Chic said...

@naturallythebest Great points!I was glad to see the mother in law stick to her "no".

WomenAreGamechangers said...

I saw that and was so happy Wendy told her to keep her hair natural as long as possible and Wendy complimented the lady on how beautiful her hair really is. Not everyone is against natural hair. They just are afraid to embrace it for whatever reason they have.

Curly Chic said...

@WomenAreGamechangers I was pleased as well. I was a little skeptical after her first comment but her follow up was very open. Thank you so much for commenting!

Crystal said...

Randomly enough I did see this episode at night when it replayed and I was sitting on the edge of my seat trying to see what Wendy would say.
The mother in law's comment can be perceived as her saying that those who get their hair permed don't have beautiful hair or they do need it, although I doubt her intent was to be rude. The comment somewhat reflects one of my issues with relaxers and part of why I said no more. There is the idea that the relaxer will make your hair beautiful or that certain textures need it more than others. In any case, I hope that she doesn't perm her hair because I don't think sweating out a press is enough to want to go through damage like she had before.
I'm glad Wendy said to stay natural as long as you can. It ended on a good note. :)

Curly Chic said...

@Crystal - thanks for commenting! That's exactly what I was thinking.She doesn't "need" it.Then I said let me not jump to negative conclusions and write about it to see what others thought.:)