January 16, 2012

It’s Not the Curls In My life It’s the Life In My Curls

Ok so I’m channeling a little Janet Jackson with that one.  Not "Rhythm Nation Janet" but more like "Penny Janet" ala’ Good Times.  The actual line was “it’s not the men in my life it's the life in my men”.  Yes I watch the reruns and perhaps it doesn’t quite stand the test of time but it is a classic so it gets a pass from me.  And who doesn’t appreciate a fly natural like Willona?  She was as fly a natural as they come.

For real for real, her style isn’t all that different from what we rock today.  Boot cuts and slim fitting tops with a complimentary scarf to beat.  Not to mention the hair – Oh the hair!  She carried herself with such regal flavor, you almost forgot how “underprivileged” they were, living in the infamous Cabrini –Green projects in Chicago.
Somehow the good seemed to outweigh the bad and it showed every time she sashayed her way through the Evans front door of their tiny apartment.  I would give anything for her confidence, her charisma, and her beauty.  Shout out to the Willona Woods of the world.  Rocking your independence, your funky flair and your natural hair.  I see you girl!

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