January 09, 2012

Blogaversary Giveaway with Wise Curls


Consider yourself wise and brilliant?  Well here’s your chance to show everyone!  Angela of WiseCurls is helping me keep the party going to commemorate my one year blog anniversary.  You know what that means right?  Another giveaway – woop woop!
Two lucky blog readers will win a Wise Curl or a Naturally Brilliant t-shirt courtesy of the beautiful Wise Curls herself. 
Here are the rules:
Follow both the Curly Chic and Wise Curls blogs.
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Leave a comment on this post sharing your opinion on how social media affects the natural hair community and be sure to include your email contact information.
For extra entries Tweet the following:
“That t-shirt is mine thanks to @CurlyChics and @WiseCurls blogaversary giveaway!”

There will be one blog winner and one Facebook winner! 
The contest will run beginning today, 01/09/12 – 01/23/12 with the winners being announced 01/27/12.
Good Luck!
*Contest open to U.S. Residents only


naturallythebest said...

The social hair media affects the natural hair community in many ways. Social media is how us naturals communicate with each other about advice regimens, journeys, stories, product reviews, recommendations, and so forth. It is sort of the backbone of communication for the natural community.
FB name - Tiffany Gunn

Dada Chiku (Curly-haired Chatterbox) said...

Social media definitely brings the natural hair community together! When I first started wearing my hair naturally, I never thought I'd be in regular communication with Naturalistas all over the country and even in Europe regularly, but I am via blogs and forums every day. It's great for learning about various products and methods, as well as just feeling supported. And social hair media isn't limited to just hair--my tastes in music and knowledge of beauty and fashion have greatly expanded since getting involved in social hair media!

Fb name--Maya Reid

NapturallyBeautifulOne said...

I can speak personally on how social media has affected me as a fairly new member of the natural hair community. I did the "Big Chop" June 21, 2011 and had no idea how to care for or manage my natural hair that was soon to come. Honestly, it felt like a daunting task.

I don't know what I would've done without social media. At my fingertips was a wealth of knowledge waiting for me. Quickly I learned my hair type, what ingredients to steer clear of, I received natural product recommendations and hair regimes, and when I my hair was long enough to begin experimenting with, I found a video showing detailed instructions on how to properly execute finger coils. (I was pretty pleased with my first attempt!)

All in all, I believe social media is the best and fastest way to spread awareness and information to the growing natural hair community. I don't know where I would be without it. I probably wouldn't have even had the courage to go natural if it weren't for the guidance and support I received after I sought it via social media.

- Corice Antwanette Singletary

LaNeshe said...

I think social media is a great resource for naturals because it allows many of us to have contact, ask questions, and discuss things with other naturals since many of us don't have a lot of naturals in our personal lives.

ImABlackPoem said...

I think social media has benefited and also separated the natural hair community. Social media helped me make the decision to go natural and I know that with all the support for natural hair, many other women have made the decision to go natural as well. Hair porn and other videos about each woman's hair journey really drive the community. However, I also feel that social media brings a lot of contention between members of the community because it is an outlet for everyone to express their opinion (no matter how inane it may be) and it can be offensive to others. However these arguments/debates are minor, and when you focus on the good in social media, you really see how it has helped the community grow.

I'm Shanae and I can be contacted via email at loveblackpoem[at]gmail.com

LadyC said...

Social media plays a major role in the natural hair community. It allows us to interact with other naturals from all over the world and discuss issues within the natural hair community;both positive and negative. As well as, receive helpful tips to aid in our natural hair journeys.