December 30, 2011

The Original Moxie 180-Challenge Winners!

Here are the winners!  Please contact me at with your shipping address.

Prize 1

Prize 2

Prize 3 
Lady C

Prize 4
Doris Hursley

The great people over at The Original Moxie have allowed me to be a part of something great.  They are hosting a 180 - Challenge featuring two women transitioning from relaxed to natural using ONLY Original Moxie products.  Awesome right?  Well they are embarking upon the end of their challenge and will each select their favorite products that aided them throughout their journey and guess what????  A few of my blog readers will win those products!  Happy Blogaversary!
Denyse & Babs, two very brave ladies who want to transition from relaxed to natural and who have agreed to share their journey with Original Moxie! They each have very different hair types, stories, and motivations, and provide a totally unique perspective on what it's like to finally say 'so long' to chemical relaxers and 'hello' to natural, healthy hair! We will be following them for 6 months (180 Days) while they use Original Moxie Natural Hair Products to help care for their hair.
Once the challenge is complete, I will share with you their results and contest details.  In the meantime, check out their stories by clicking here and here.

Thank you so much for reading and participating!

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