December 05, 2011

Everyone Should Be Natural?

Not everyone wants natural hair.  Yeah, I said it.  While luscious curls and big textured hair may be what I dream of, not everyone feels that way.  So many times we hear relaxed hair beauties talk about wanting to go natural but not feeling like they can “pull it off” for one reason or another.  “My hair won’t do that”, “I don’t want to chop all of my hair off”, etc.  However, there are plenty of women who relax their tresses and have no desire to “go natural”. 

As I sat with my girlfriends enjoying good company and margaritas, our conversation inevitably turned to hair.  Two of us are natural and the other is relaxed.  While my girlfriend (pictured above) is relaxed, she doesn’t relax her hair every 6-8 weeks, she is completely content with the hair path she has chosen. Here’s what she had to say about being natural:

·         It seems like way too much work
·         I can’t wear my hair straight during the summer because of the humidity
·         My hair is still long and healthy

Post Shampoo

Are we so obsessed with our natural hair that we think everyone else should be too?  Do you sometimes take on the mission of telling women they should emancipate themselves and take the natural plunge?


ForHisGlory said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing :) Yes, I think it is easy for us to want others to go natural because we know what they're missing. But I personally never force my opinion on anyone. It's ultimately their choice, and if they don't see the benefits then I'm not going to change their mind.

Tammy said...

@ForHisGlory - you are so right!It is hard not to want to tell everyone how great the lifestyle is!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the post Tam! Yes while you look wonderful with natural hair, it's just too much work and I have NO desire as you've stated to do that. I don't get relaxers as often now but I still like the creamy crack every now and then. Maybe some day I will choose another route, but I am pretty happy with how it's going now :)

Tammy said...

@Anonymouse(Angie)Thank you for allowing me to share our conversation!