November 16, 2011

Moisturizing Protein Treatment, Yirssi - Guest Blogger

I want to share with you the one home made treatment I've used on my hair the most during the two years I've been natural. It is the simple but effective moisturizing protein treatment that follows:

For shoulder length hair:

·         2 tablespoons of mayo
·         two eggs
·         as much EVOO as you'd like

I mix it easily with a fork, and this is what it looks like:

I then separate my hair into sections, and apply it as thoroughly as I can:
Please note, depending on how much hair you have you may want to add more than I stated. At the end of it all I ended up having to mop up the very last bits with my hair, because it almost wasn't enough:
After doing this, I cover my hair in plastic (mostly so the stuff doesn't drip everywhere) and leave it on between half an hour and an hour.

I try to do this treatment at least once every two weeks. At the end, after washing my hair, this is how it looks:
The reason this is good is because the mayo and the egg both carry good amounts of protein, and the EVOO penetrates the hair shaft and moisturizes it. Now, the benefits are not something you notice after one wash. It's after using it at least a couple times that you start noticing that your hair is not breaking as much when you are detangling it. I swear by this mixture.

Some things about my hair, and whether this mixture would be good for you or not:

My hair is high porosity, and therefore extremely dry. It reacts VERY well to protein treatments, and it has different textures all over (from 3B to 4a). If you have hair that is different from mine in any of these aspects (particularly the porosity aspect) you may want to do this protein treatment less than twice a month. Maybe once a month will be enough for you, because your hair will get stiff with this much protein.

Let me know if you try it, and how your hair feels after using it a number of times!

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Miche'al said...

I heard that adding eggs to your ordinary conditioner makes a great protein treatment. I haven't tried this yet.