November 29, 2011

Journey to 30: What Had Happened Was, Angela - Guest Blogger

*sobs uncontrollably* - I gained 5 pounds. Cinco! FIVE! 12345! Ok, the *sobs uncontrollably* is a bit much, but doggone it, I gained 5 pounds back. With our wedding anniversary only 4 days away *clutches pearls*, unfortunately, the journey to 30 ship has sailed. BUT, as India.Aire so eloquently put it “There’s Hope.
Disclaimer: If you’re thinking about trying any jumpstart weight loss program, especially one such as the picture above, please, please do your own individual and personal assessment. Talk with your doctor to see if it’s a good idea. Listen to your body to see if it’s a good idea.
Enter Jillian Michael’s 14 day cleanse and burn…
I started the detox portion of the program on Saturday, after Thanksgiving, and…let’s just say..well, you’ll “hear” about that in the follow up post next week. The program was designed to rid of belly bloating and the bad (and good) bacteria (a supplement is taken the last 7 days to replenish the good bacteria) that has taken unwanted residence in our colons. If the design works as it should, the pounds will drop.
Since Saturday, I’ve lost 3 of those pounds I put back on. I’d say the design is working. Please be sure to check back to see how the rest of the program went!
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