September 20, 2011

NaturalView - Who Is Sugar

Who Is Sugar is one of those vloggers who you can’t wait to see what she will come up with next!  Her videos are outside the box, her personality is contagious and her hair is beautiful, oh wait…and she has fashion flair.  Need I say more?  I’ll let her tell you more.

Meet Who Is Sugar

I am a subscriber to your channel and often times watch your videos more than once. How did you build up such a huge following? How important has social networking been to gaining viewers?
Well, I’m a little touched. I’m lying. I’m a lot touched. O_O I think people can identify with my level of goofiness. I just recently jumped on the social networking bandwagon (as it relates to my YouTube channel). I think networking is important. I believe a lot of my subscribers came by way of someone mentioning me on the popular social networking websites. Also, it’s cool to interact with you guys via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Clearly some people are born to entertain. Did your academic career include theatre or performance arts?
What a good question. Well, I’ve always been a performer of some sort. In college, I took dance class. For many years I was also a performance poet, so I’m pretty comfortable around crowds (usually).  Also as a clinician (I resigned last week) it requires a certain level of creativity to really help people in need.

What motivated you to start a YouTube channel?
#dontJudge, I started my YouTube channel because I wanted to look at some questionable videos and I had to “prove” that I was over the age of 18…that was back in 2006.

*side eye to Sug :)

How do you come up with fresh material for your channel?
I don’t know, this stuff just comes to me. Sometimes the ideas keep me up at night. O_O

I know a lot about your hair journey but for those who are not familiar with your channel please share your reasons for going natural.
I was claiming to know who I was, but I didn’t even know what my natural hair texture was… Shortly after this revelation, I big chopped.

What are the characteristics of a good vlogger?
Hmm, I’ll tell you what I look for and what keeps me watching:
1. Great fashion sense
2. Short videos
3. Funny videos that are kind of busy and all over the place
4. People who don’t take themselves too seriously
5. People who appear to be comfortable in front of the camera (to include not saying uh, um, but too much)

Do you have any favorites that you watch?  
I do have favorites, but due to the political nature of this question, I’m not going to list them.

I know you consider heat “the devil” but I also know you will straighten your hair from time to time. Some people think you are not really natural if you dye your hair or straighten it with a flat iron. What is your response to that?
*singing*” IF YOU ARE WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE, A SUPERSTAR. THEN HAVE NO FEAR…” Let people be who they want to be. Matta fact, what does someone else’s perception of themselves have to do with you? #thatisall

How do you feel about hair typing?
I hate it. I especially hate the ABCD !@#$ typing system.
I think it’s divisive.  I hate it too. I especially hate 4C LAWD! Take me higher.

Do you have a product or product line that you simply can’t do without?  
Haggen Dazs. O_O  Water. Jojoba oil. Coconut oil. The water is kinda free. Jojoba and coconut oils are from the health food or grocery stores.

Your channel deals a lot with fashion with your entertaining Outfit of the Day segments, which I love! I wrote an article for TCR entitled Hair and Heels discussing the relationship between hair and fashion. What is your view on the topic?
Thanks by the way. Hmmm... When I’m busted….my hair and outfit are usually busted together.  You can tell when I clearly do not care. However, chile…when I’m feeling cute, I’m usually cute all over.

I love your fashion sense. Any thrifting tips you can share?
Glad you asked…I have a video about that. *wink* But Sug, I would rather read. Ok, ok.  *whispers* Video 45

Tip 1. Don’t go broke in the thrifts store.
Tip 2. Know your measurements and bring a tape measure just in case you can’t try on the clothing.
Tip 2. If you can try on the clothing, make sure to wear tights and a fitted top so you can slip the clothing on top of your clothes…yes in the aisle.
Tip 4. Look for holes, missing buttons, does the zipper work, is garment in good shape, does it have snags, etc.

You have had great success with your hair when it comes to length retention and overall health. What do you attribute that to?
Genetics, Water, Nutrition. I try not to man handle it either.  

Do you ever intend on revisiting your blog? YES! Chile, I have been having HUGE drama with it. #JesusTakeTheWheel  Soon.

Freestyle: Anything else you would like to share….about fashion, hair or any topic.
It’s ok to be strange.
It’s ok to accept yourself as is.
Stop trying to make your hair do something that it is not meant to do.
When it doubt, wear it anyway…even if it’s around the house.
Stop giving your power away.
Love yourself like your life depends on it, because it does.

But Sug, how can we stay connected???  Stay connected with my girl, Who Is Sugar!

Curly Chic


kaydensmum said...

I love Sug! Best Natural Views Yet!

Curly Chic said...

@Kaydensmum - the one on you was pretty great! :) Thanks though - love her too!