July 27, 2011

So Fresh and So Clean Clean, How to Keep Your Mane Fresh and Clean


Summer time = more heat, more sweat, which equals more funk!  During the warmer months people tend to be more active outdoors; with kids being out of school, barbeques and family vacations, you can end up with sweaty and smoky tresses.  With that said, I am curious as to how fellow naturals keep their hair smelling fresh and clean.  I have my own remedies but would like to hear from everyone else. 

·         Shampoo – obvious tip.  Of course, clean hair is clean smelling hair. 
·         Make sure hair tools are clean (combs, brushes, etc)
·         Use scented shampoos/conditioners
·         I recently picked up some So Sexy products from Victoria’s Secret, as suggested by KisforKinky and they smell really great.  I’ll probably do a review on them at a later date. 
·         Use lavender or rose water as a rinse or refresher
·         Fabric softener sheet in your satin bonnet – this came from Mahoganybella on twitter and YouTube’s Who Is Sugar, one of my fave YouTubers.  I have not actually tried this myself but apparently it has worked for these ladies. *Click on the link to Who Is Sugar and check out her video.  The tip is at the very end.

*Note:  I found out today that Trader Joe's has lavender fabric sheets.  I am going to try them!

What do you do to ensure a fresh mane?

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