July 07, 2011

Organic - Smorganic! Is It or Isn't It?

This story broke several weeks ago so I’ve had this story on the back burner for a minute now.  You have most likely heard about the lawsuit being filed against 26 companies for misrepresenting their products as being organic; and if not, let me be the first to share a few details.  California law states that products must contain at least 70% organic ingredients in order to be able to use the term "organic".  Click here for the complete story and the list of companies named in the lawsuit. 

The Center for Environmental Health states they have found dozens of products made by these companies which contain FEW OR NO ORGANIC INGREDIENTS.  What????  Let’s be clear, these are allegations and have not yet been proven.  Some consumers are very brand loyal and make purchasing decisions based solely on ingredients.

If it turns out these companies are taking advantage of consumers, will you discontinue purchasing these products?

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