May 10, 2011

Back to Basics - Healthy Eating Tips from Angela - Guest Blogger

Dieting is hard, ya’ll. Very hard.  I need to transition my mind from the word diet to lifestyle change.  These past few days, I have not been eating properly and boy do I feel it. Low energy, irritable and fatigued. Not to mention the slight increase in numbers on the scale. SO, what can I do to feel better  and look better?

The Paleo Diet, possibly? A co-worker of mine has been doing the Paleo Diet for the past 80 days and has dropped a total of 17 healthy pounds naturally. She feels great and looks great as well. Some of the things that the Paleo, or caveman , diet teaches is the need to go back to the basics of how food was caught, prepared and eaten by our ancestors. Some tips include:
1.       Eating only grass-fed meats
2.       Eating eggs only from cage-free chickens
3.       Eating only free-range chicken
4.       Eating seasonal fruits and veggies

So, this is something that I may give a try. Honestly, what is there to lose besides pounds? J One thing I will do more of though, is exercise. Beginning tomorrow, I will be completing TurboFire and finding a local Zumba class to attend throughout the week.
Something’s gotta give! Who’s with me?
To learn more about the Paleo diet, check out the site below:

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