April 16, 2011

OPI Shatter Polish - Product Review - Tionne, Guest Teen Blogger

My daughter, Tionne, went to get her nails done a little over a week ago and wanted to share her OPI experience.  Letgo!

I went to an Asian Nail Spa called VIP Nails to get my acrylics balanced.  My normal nail tech was not there so I sat in another tech's chair eager to try the new OPI Black Shatter polish.  Since I wasn't sure how I would like it or IF I would like it,
I decided to only have him paint one nail per hand using the shatter.  I asked for the base to be a plum/fuschia like color and for each ring finger to be covered with the shatter polish.  After applying the plum/fuschia, he let it dry for approximately 5 minutes before putting on the 2nd polish.  When he first applied it, it looked as if I would end up with just a plain black nail.  In a matter of seconds, the black began to "shatter", just as the title suggest.  Drying time was normal. 
Here are the results. *the balance job leaves a little to be desired but in general, they look "ok".

It's been a little over 7 days and it is still in tack.  No cracks or anything.  In fact, it still looks exactly the same!  Take a look!  Next time I plan on getting my entire hand done by my normal tech.  Unfortunately the polish was not for sale, otherwise I would have the bottle at home for a do it yourself session.

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