April 02, 2011

Long Hair Don't Care?

Has anyone heard about the little Native American boy who was suspended for refusing to cut his hair? 
Check it out by clicking here!
Here is my take on the matter:  I completely disagree with the school’s decision to suspend a child for the length of their hair, especially when it is part of their religious beliefs.  I personally do not think
it is ok under any circumstances.  My daughter attended a private Christian school most of her years and I remember an 8th grade student being disciplined for coloring her hair two different colors.  They had a very strict dress code the children had to adhere to.  The young man in the article attended a public school which makes this even more absurd.  It sounds like this school is focused on the wrong thing!  What do you think?  What if this were your child?  Do you think his gender was a factor?  Had this have been a white female student, would the same enforcement have taken place?


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