March 01, 2011

Cotton Candy and Rainbows

These things remind me of little girls for some reason.  Maybe they make me think of my childhood.  Anyway, speaking of little girls, a friend of mine went to a toddler’s birthday party this past weekend and shared the following with me. There were 2 adorable little girls in attendance wearing weaves.  One had her hair slicked back with a two tone blonde and black pony tail weave wrapped around her hair.  The other little girl had flat twists in the front with a layered weave pony tail.  I have to say, it makes me somewhat sad to see these images.  I understand the desire for your daughter to have long hair, I have a daughter so I can relate.  I’m just not sure how I feel about the idea of weaves and such under a certain age. 
I’m no psychologist so I don’t know what the impact on their self esteem is from this but I would venture to think it has some type of effect.  What do you all think?  Does it send the message that their own hair is not good enough or long enough or pretty enough or just ENOUGH?  Some would argue that it’s more convenient or it protects the child’s hair from all the styling and heat.  I can understand those arguments but I’m not sure they should apply to children.  There are other alternatives to combat these things. 

Do you think it is ok if the intent is to achieve a look for a certain occasion?  Is it ever ok and would you put a lace front or tracks in your little princess’s hair?

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