March 08, 2011

1982 - Hair Catastrophe

The year of the Michael Jackson vs Prince battle!  Today many people say Prince won but back then, I voted for Michael.  Don’t get me wrong, Prince was the man too – even talked my parents into purchasing an oil painting of him from the side of the road for $50!  Ask me where that picture is now?  Couldn’t tell you.  Anyway, in 1982, the baddest album ever dropped, Thriller!  It was like nothing we’d heard before from Michael Jackson.  The 10 inch piece of vinyl was accompanied by the lyrics so you could sing along.  Oh yeah, those were the days.  When the video for Thriller was released, it was an epic event to say the least.  It was not your typical music video, it was a short story, a mini movie almost.  Talk about exciting!  The anticipation, the anxiety!  When Ola Rae strolled through in her denim knickers (now known as capris), denimn jacket and red heels – I was like I want a jheri curl!   I was in Middle School at the time and Lord only knows why my mother agreed to it but she did.  We all know chemicals on top of more chemicals do not mix.  I ended up looking more like one of the scary dead people in the video because all of my hair fell out.  Hot ugly mess!  Thank God I don’thave pics!  What an awful memory.  I still have great memories of that video though!  Which, by the way, I still know all the moves!   

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kaydensmum said...

I'm just laughing at the thought... LOL!