February 21, 2011

My 5 Favorite Hair Styling Tools

1.   Old Stocking
Back in the day I used to be the puff queen!  When I tell you I rocked a puff daily, I do mean daily!  It was so crucial that when I couldn’t find my old dusty cut up stocking, I would panic.  Sure I could make another one but I had one particular one that was the exact length, color and material for me and my curls.  I still rock a puff but now it’s more of a save the day tactic for me.  You can also use the stocking to make a sock bun ( I don’t know if that is the official name for it) to give the appearance of a larger bun.

2.   Bobby /Hair Pins
They are more than what your grandmother used back in the day to hold her rollers in place.  Bobby pins and hair pins are essential for trying new looks.  Not only can you use them for updos and frohawks, but you can use them to hid parts or create fullness in the crown of your hair.  The decorative bobby pins serve a dual purpose; to pull your hair off of your face or for simple fashion flair.

3.   Flower décor
Flowers = freshness = pretty.  Flowers are yet another great way to decorate your curls.  I tend to wear these more during the Spring and Summer months but certainly they can be worn at any time of the year.  I think they are so ultra feminine! 
4.   Silk scarf
      At night, you must must must protect your hair with a silk scarf.  Cotton will not do.  I sleep on a satin pillow case as well because my scarf tends to run away from me at night. 

5.      Head band
Another great decorative piece!  I use these mostly with my buns, however, they also look great with wash and gos!  I like the way a headband pushed back just far enough creates height

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